Yanga-Mbiwa press conference: full transcript

Today, new AS Roma defender Yanga-Mbiwa spoke for the first time to the press. Here are his words:

What can you add to Roma with your skills and experience?
“I’m here to give competitiveness, to be something valuable for the team. Garcia knows me, he knows I can be important for this squad.”

First impression on Garcia?
“I knew him, he convinced me. He wants to win the league and I’m hungry for titles as well.”

What are your characteristics?
“My main role is centre back. But I’m willing to help the team in any possible way. This is an exceptional team, we’ll do everything to win trophies.”

Are you ready from a physical perspective?
“I feel fit. We have several days to prepare before the next match, I have to work hard if I want a spot.”

What are your expectations? Do you think you will be a starter?
“The manager knew me since my days in France, he knows what my qualities are. I’ll do my best to find a spot in the team.”

What is your opinion on racism in professional football?
“I think Roma is a great team, and they should take care of these matters. My head is only focused on the next game.”

Who got in touch with you first, Garcia or Sabatini?
“Garcia did.”

How was your experience at Newcastle?
“Not everything went smooth in England: they have a different view of football, everything is based on physicality. I think things are different here, Serie A is much more similar to Ligue 1.”