Stadio della Roma: updates and RomaPress reports

Today 17:00 UTC the Council Assembly of Rome will gather and give the first green light for the start of the project

Today might be a historic day for Roma. This night, two delegations representing the club and the city met in Campidoglio to discuss the final issues on the Stadio della Roma. After few quarrels the two sides found a compromise, as reported by Il Tempo.

According to the newspaper, the city council put some pressure for a clause that would bind Pallotta not to sell the stadium to a third-party entity. If that will happen in the next 20 years, Pallotta will have to pay a penalty to the city council. However, if Pallotta will put the club on sale AS Roma and its board of directors will have a «precedence right»: provided that Roma even out the offer of a possible competitor, the club management will be able to cash in this clause and preempt the complex ahead of the competitor.

Stadio della Roma will bring an annual inflow of €55/60 million, RomaPress understands.