Stadio della Roma: green light from the city council, Marino’s words

Today is a historic day for Roma, as the Rome municipality granted permission for the construction of the new stadium

Today, the City Council Assembly of Rome recognized the «public interest» in the project for the Stadio della Roma. Here are the words of Ignazio Marino, the mayor of Rome:

“This is a memorable days for us. Today, thanks to the city council and all the professionals involved in this, we have approved anything regarding the Stadio della Roma project on a municipal level. What are we stating right now is of huge importance for the fans and the inhabitants of the Tor di Valle area. Initially, we have received a proposal worth over €1 billion: but we couldn’t accept that, as an administration which cares about the environment like ours couldn’t allow that over 50,000 fans moved to the stadium by car. Now, we have new possibilities: the construction site will be set up soon, it will be one of the biggest in the country. And we will not just have the stadium, but the rail transports and a 34 acres park, bigger than Villa Borghese, that we couldn’t have had in any other way. We’ve required that any square meter of the site would be under surveillance seven days a week, like in any other construction site. To be clear, no match will be hosted before the infrastructures will be completed: that means around 2017. We’re talking about construction works that will carry on for the next 10 months, with 3,000 jobs created for the construction process and itself and other 3,000 for the maintenance of the area. I think the city of Rome has a reason to be satisfied.”