Castan: I’m capable of more

Roma defender Leandro Castan spoke with Roma TV this evening and conceded he’s eager to play with Roma in the Champions League:

Are you the pillar of the defense?
“I’m here to make a contribution to the team. Now we have to start a new season with new team-mates who are quality players, so everything is easier. My teammates need to know they can trust me.”

How do you feel in giallorosso?
“When I arrived here in Rome, I had already made ​​30 appearances in Brazil, and I was a bit worn out. I am a person who knows if he is okay or not. In the first matchesI played well, but then my legs wore out. You (the fans, media, etc.) have not seen everything I’m capable of, I can do better and I expect to play in the Champions League because that’s where I can prove myself. I have a great desire to play this season.”

You watched as a fan at the Olimpico the match against Fiorentina: is there pressure?
“The environment is different, but I prefer this pressure of having to play for the Scudetto, compared to last year. With this and with the right mindset, we can all do better. The fans were wonderful and, with Strootman, we celebrated: it was great to be there with the fans. We have to improve every year, to do so we have to finish first and that’s the goal .The season’s long,we still have 37 missing. But what we saw against Fiorentina is positive, we have the right mind-set, and I think if we continue (this way) then we can come closer to our targets.”

Astori-Manolas: how do you think they did?
“Very well, there was pressure given the fact they’ve never played together. They have proven to be strong and to win the championship we can’t have only 11 players. Anyone who enters does so that we’re missing anything from those who leave (the field). In the locker room, we always think about the next game and now there is the Empoli. We need to focus on this and grab another victory, but it won’t be easy. Last year we won the first ten and I hope to manage the matches the way we did last season. We have to do well, I believe and I trust my teammates. If you’re in the Champions League, it means that we’re strong. As Pallotta said: our opponents need to be worried about us.”

You have a great desire to play in the Champions League…
“Yes it’s the first time. It was a childhood dream and now that I am close to achieving it. The goal is to do well with the Roma.”


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