Balzaretti clarifies his future

Roma fullback Federico Balzaretti held a press conference today at Trigoria to clarify his future, after there was speculation that the former Palermo man may retire due to complications arising from hernia surgery. Here are his words:

“Thank you for coming, for today’s conference, I wanted to clarify my situation. I’ll give you a break-down of the timeline and how I’m feeling, I want to send a message to everybody who follows Roma through all of you (the media). This problem arose around 10 months ago, after the match against Toroino I had pain in my pelvis. I had never had a problem there and thought it’d only be temporary, so I continued to play in the next match against Sassuolo. After that game, I couldn’t even walk anymore. For treatment, we tried an operation in the US but it didn’t produce great results. Then we tried a number of other things in Germany. To be honest with the fans, I still do have some months of physiotherapy. We don’t know how many, with the doctors, we all decided to use electromagnetic currents, which will help me avoid pain. I have to remain of the field, I don’t know for how long, and there’s a chance that I’ll be in pain forever, but I want to heal. I’m still a player, it’s a promise I’ve made to everybody. I will try in every way to play again. The club? The Giallorossi are a big family and treat you not as footballers, but as people. My message to fans is: I won’t give up, I want them to know that. Unfortunately, the problem is I don’t know if I’ll ever overcome this.”

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