Garcia’s pre-Fiorentina press conference

Rudi Garcia spoke today on the eve of his team’s match against Fiorentina at the Olimpico:

Is today’s Roma stronger than last season’s?
“Yes, we have a deeper roster, it’s necessary because we have so many games to play this year, at least 22 before Christmas, to make sure you not only have options in a specific role you must have at least two players per position, plus I’m more quiet (laughs). On Saturday, some players will not be with us, but I have other choices to make, the good thing is that we will have 15 days after to wait for the return of some, there will be time after the first game.”

Manolas can play tomorrow?
“He said yes, this is what matters, he’s a player who has character and a good mentality, he’s fast, and has already played in top level matches in the World Cup and Champions League, he will be a player of the future. He has not played for three weeks and maybe this could be a problem, but he’s available and callable.”

Roma has changed a lot in defense: do you expect another piece?
“I’ll answer things only about tomorrow’s match: we’ll have time to talk about the market. I will never compare the roster from last year to this year’s. It will be a new roster with new players who must adapt quickly, but this is not an issue, what matters is the match on Saturday, we’re playing against a good team like Fiorentina, who play an offensive game. We will have an Olimpico that has two teams of good quality, on paper. To start the season is the most important thing.”

Destro will remain?
“I won’t speak of the market, Pallotta said something that’s certainly positive, Mattia is certainly an important player, not only with scoring goals, he is also a player of the Italian National Team, he is young and will get even better, he’s prepared entirely unlike last year, he’s an underrated player, he’s a golden boy, he can help his teammates and the team can help him become an important player for the fans. For this reason, it’s important that they are all behind the team, but we have a great opportunity to fight at the top.”

We saw during the summer retreat Somma, Paredes, Uçan, now comes the news from France of Rabiot. Would you prefer to keep the younger players?
“Hmm, that seems to be a question about the transfer market. I want to keep them all because I think it’s good for them to train and improve with us.”

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