Roma’s Fenucci speaks on Roma Radio

Director Claudio Fenucci spoke today to Roma Radio regarding the club and the upcoming season:

How much confidence is there for this season?
“The defeat of May 26 was an important springboard to begin again. It will be more difficult this year to repeat what we did last year because you start with the good results from last season. If you keep the strong desire that there was last year, then it could lead to even better results.”

For the Champions League: is it better to be in a group of death or an easier group?
“Well, Roma have been shown to have a game that can go a very long way: even in Europe. I’m not worried about the team’s we’ll face. I believe if we end up playing in a group that’s not impossible, it will be easier, considering the experience of Napoli last season. We are equipped to compete, these challenges are welcomed.”

Who would you want to avoid?
“In the past, it was better to avoid some of the English sides. But we’ll enjoy every bit of it without any fear.”

Among Sabatini, Baldissoni, Fenucci, and Zanzi: who is the most stylish?
“There is no doubt, excuse the presumption but I win easily (laughs)! That can’t be argued! Zanzi has an American profile so he’s a good competitor.”

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