Totti to Roma Radio: talks scudetto, Rudi Garcia

One the launch day of the official AS Roma radio, Roma’s captain Francesco Totti was interviewed by the host David Rossi. Here are his words:

How did football change in the last 23 years?
“The problem is: I’m getting old. Football is my passion, my own enjoyment: I’m happy about all the things I’ve accomplished. Now things have changed, it used to be more entertaining a while ago.”

Did the way of playing change over the last two decades?
“Football used to be more technical, now it’s way more physical: I used to enjoy the game a lot more in the past.”

What changed in Roma?
“Players, presidents, managers…everything. I could write a book about it.”

Maybe you will one day.
“Who could say that.”

Feelings for the coming season?
“Positive. We’ll try to repeat what we did next year. We know it won’t be easy.”

Watching from the outside, it seems you have more drive now compared to when you were young.
“I wouldn’t be here if it was the opposite. I want to play, to have fun. When my time will come, I’ll step aside.”

Suggestions for young players who are starting right now?
“Just to repeat what I’ve done over the last 23 years.”

This Roma squad is very young. Impressions on the newcomers?
“Good impression, but when you’re young you got to keep your head cool. Football has changed, things used to be more strict in the past. Players have more freedom now.”

Rudi Garcia?
“Wonderful person, he really adds something to the locker room. He considers everyone to be on the same level. I hope to achieve something important with him.”

He brought some big tactical changes.
“We were coming from two terrible years, he has done a wonderful job. He understood the environment and put the team in condition to play a good football.”

Your greatest desire is still to be able to walk without any hassle in the city centre?
“I’m used to it. Rome is different, not to mention the fact that the fans have seen me develop and play here my whole club career.”

What would you give up for the Scudetto?
“It depends… I say ice cream. If we win, no ice cream for a year.”