Manolas revealed as an AS Roma player: his first words

Kostas Manolas was presented today for the first time as a player of the Giallorossi. Here are the Greek’s words:

Italo Zanzi, CEO of Roma was the first to speak at the press conference:
“We’re happy to introduce Kostas Manolas, a young but already experienced player.”

Why Roma? Are you ready to play?
“I wanted to join Roma from the start. Torosidis and Dellas’ advice helped me. I’m ready to be a starter against Fiorentina, I’m 120% ready. Garcia will decide. Garcia just asked me if I’m ready for the training at the moment. I’ve had offers from big clubs: I’ll only tell you that I’ve been in touch with Juve, but I’ve chosen Roma.”

Is Roma stronger without Benatia and with you, Manolas?
“Benatia is an excellent player. But he’s the past, I’m the present. I’m the right man to get this spot.”

For Mr. Zanzi, are you satisfied with the sale of Benatia?
Zanzi: “Very happy and satisfied, we had a challenge and we changed it into an opportunity to get a great player, a player who can give us a chance to win now and in the future.”

Why did you choose Roma over Juve? Why the number 44?
“My first choice was Roma, it’s not a matter of being sure if I’m a starter or not. I’ve picked the 44 as the 4 wasn’t available, I wanted something with 4 in it.”

For you, is Roma a turning point? Will you stay for the entire contract?
“Roma is a huge club, this is a turning point for my career. If after few seasons Roma will receive an offer, we’ll consider it.”

Where are you physically? What do you think of Trigoria?
“I’m 100% ready, I’ve done all the pre-season training and 3 friendlies. Trigoria is like a family, a family with huge names. I’m sure the welcome will be warm.”

Where can Roma aim this season?
“I aim for the Scudetto, and I think the whole team do. We can proceed in the final stage of the Champions League as well.”

What kind of footballer are you?
“I consider myself as a fast, strong player and I’m able to read the opponent offensive play. I’ll be ready to adapt to Garcia’s tactics. Here it will be difficult, I’ll face some of the greatest names in football.”

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