Balanta: the situation

Roma and Sampdoria are trying their best to struck a deal with River Plate, according to several Italian outlets

Èder Alvarez Balanta (21) is currently one of the hottest names for Roma’s defence. As reported by several sources, River Plate is currently trying to acquire 100% of the right of player (which are divided between the club, the agents and the player’s parents), and River’s president Rodolfo D’Onofrio said to Radio La Red that their 80% «is worth €5.5 million».

Reportedly, Roma doesn’t want to meet the €6 million total request. Sampdoria has tried hard to struck a deal during the last few days, but with no concrete result. Mihajlovic, Sampdoria’s manager, wants both Balanta and Romagnoli to be bought. Sampdoria presented a formal offer last night, and River’s reply should arrive by this evening Italian time.