Zanzi: Benatia has a long contract with us

Italo Zanzi, the CEO of Roma, spoke this afternoon to Tele Radio Stereo:

Benatia will remain?
“We’ve always said that he’s our player and has a long contract with us. Someone reported that he’s been sold but he’s our player. He’s working very well. He is a great person and I’m also sorry to all the other player who keep wondering about their teammate.”

The objective is the Scudetto?
“We want to be competitive so we can win and do well in Europe. The Italian league is very difficult. If you begin to look towards the future, you can forget about the upcoming challenges. The goal is to win.”

How important was Unicredit?
“I wasn’t here when they began (with Roma), but what I heard is that there was a transitional period. But now we’re in great hands with our President and partners.”

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