Ucan answers fans’ questions on Roma’s official Twitter

Salih Uçan answered fans’ questions via Roma’s official Twitter, here are his words:

Who in the group have you bonded the most with?
“I get along well with all my teammates, but I’ve bonded a lot with Urby Emanuelson.”

Will you cut your hair if you score in the Derby?
“I would love to score in the Derby…if I can cut it myself, but still eh.”

Which footballer inspired you growing up?
“I’d say Lampard.”

Salih are you trying to learn Italian and who helps you out the most?
“I’ve picked up a few words and in a few weeks’ time I’ll have a teacher to help me!”

How do you spend your free time?
“I go out with friends and listening to music. I hope soon to take advantage of my free time to learn more about Rome!”

Which is more beautiful: Roma or Istanbul? Why?
“Why choose? They are both gorgeous!”

What is your nickname?
“To tell the truth, I don’t have one yet.”

What did you choose Roma? What is the feeling of playing alongside Totti?
“It’s exciting to play alongside Totti. I chose Roma because I feel I can take my career to a new high at this club.”

What are your expectations for this season from yourself and the team?
“For the team it’s to win the Scudetto. On a personal level to play a lot, scoring and setting up goals.”

Are you excited to see the Curva Sud and the Olimpico full?
“I’m looking forward to hearing the roar of the Curva Sud for the first time.”

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.