Astori: “I hope Benatia stays”

Roma new-boy Davide Astori was interviewed this morning by Il Messaggero:

You don’t believe it’s too late to be arriving at a big club?
“It’s never late. I’d say the time is right. Cagliari, unlike other places, tend to quickly get rid of their players, they’re allowed to leave when they’re matured.”

What is the atmosphere in Rome: is there a feeling that this could be the year?
“I’ve noticed a large sense of captivating responsibility. Juve had an extraordinary season, I think this season will be more balanced.”

It’s worrying that some could leave Roma and these good feelings might be lost…
“If someone leaves, they’ll be replaced by someone who is equal or even better. I’d be happy if everybody stayed.”

Including Benatia?
“I hope he (Benatia) stays, I get along well with him.”

What about Garcia?
“It’s like they told me: he talks a lot with the players, he gives advice, he identifies the tense situations on the field and is attentive to detail.”

What a figure Totti is…what have you seen up close?
“I only hope that he’ll retire as late as possible.”

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