Pallotta purchases Unicredit’s shares

Roma president James Pallotta has officially acquired the shares to AS Roma from Unicredit, who owned a 33% stake in the club. Here is the official announcement from the club:

“UniCredit S.p.A., AS Roma SPV, LLC, and Raptor Holdco LLC, an affiliate of AS Roma SPV, LLC, inform that on the date hereof they have entered into a Share Purchase Agreement by which UniCredit S.p.A. transferred to AS Roma SPV, LLC its entire participation held in the capital stock of NEEP Roma Holding S.p.A. (the controlling company of A.S. Roma S.p.A.) for consideration in the amount of €33,000,000, which has been paid in full at the closing of the transaction. As a consequence of such sale AS Roma SPV, LLC increases its interest in NEEP Roma Holding S.p.A., directly and indirectly via Raptor Holdco LLC, to 100% of the stock capital of NEEP Roma Holding S.p.A.

In the same context UniCredit S.p.A., AS Roma SPV, LLC and Raptor Holdco LLC terminated the shareholders agreement related to NEEP Roma Holding S.p.A. entered into on 18 August 2011 and subsequently amended and integrated (also by means of the accession of Raptor Holdco LLC) on 1 August 2013.”

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