Member of Roma’s medical staff speaks

Francesco Colautti, a member of Roma’s medical staff, spoke today to Roma Channel.

How are the guys?
“The tour was very challenging, there was a lot of work for us on the medical staff. Training was carried out smoothly, without any issues, and generally, I’d conclude by saying it all went good.”

How’s Castan?
“This morning he had an ultrasound, there’s a muscle injury but it’s only one injury. We hope to have him back with us fairly quickly.”

And Strootman? What’s the recovery time?
“Kevin is on schedule, we kept him in Boston so that he could work with physical therapists and our American consultants. Work that has allowed us to see the improvements already in just a few days.”

De Sanctis?
“Morgan is optimistic, he’s been working hard but not with the team. We plan to only keep him with the group briefly until he’s 100%.”

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