Keita on racism

Roma midfielder Seydou Keita was interviewed by La Gazzetta dello Sport while on tour with the Giallorossi.

Do you think that those starting now will remain starting during the season?
“Of course now right now, the fans and the press give credit to those who did well last season. But in football, the past does not count. I’ve felt good at the start of this season. And then there Garcia will take the decisions. ”

Pepe isn’t a professional: what do you think that no sanctions have been placed against him by FIFA and UEFA?
“I think the FIFA and UEFA are struggling against racism. In football, there must not be room for similar (racist) behavior, but it’s important that the fans are the first to fight (against it).

Several clubs, including Roma, have had some problems with this…
“But I’ve also seen it abroad, it’s nonsense, it’s madness. It would be a good thing if these clubs were to punish their fans.”

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