Garcia speaks before Inter test

Rudi Garcia held a press conference during Roma’s US Tour in Philadelphia. The Giallorossi will face Inter tomorrow in what will be Roma’s final match on their tour of the United States. Here are the words of the manager:

The Guinness Cup: what’re your thoughts?
“For me, we always played well, perhaps we did better against Manchester United than against Real Madrid but we won because we were more effective.”

The case of Gervinho?
“It’s not only Gervinho, we’re also waiting for Maicon and Torosidis. Gervinho has had problem with his visa and right now he’s training with the trainers at Trigoria. The problem he had is a common occurrence and happened to some players on Bayern, I think. We have to adapt. We had planned to leave some of the staff at Trigoria, he trains well and we’ll have time to work with him.”

How is the team?
“I can say that all the big European teams are in the US right now. In today’s football, it’s about developing a brand. The only disadvantage is that we start the season in Italy later than in other European countries. It can be a problem for the Champions League, after the first match of the season, there’s already a break in France and in Spain, they’ve already played 2 or 3 matches before the Champions League. Italy needs to reflect on this. Perhaps it is a matter of culture, but for me, these things have to change if we want the Italian teams to be best prepared for European competitions. Regarding the tour, it’s a unique opportunity to prepare well.”

How is your relationship with the players different from last year? From one to one hundred, how much do you worry about Roma being entrenches in racist events?
“After 12 months there was a different atmosphere around us a year ago: we went from catastrophe to euphoria. I’m for the middle road, last year we had a record season. I am ambitious and aim high, I already told you, but for example there is a team that has won 3 league titles in a row and bought Evra and Morata. Now they become an underdog? That’s odd. Juve is the favorite, but we will do everything possible to fight with them. As for the rest, we must fight against racism in every way. The beauty of the locker room, for example, is that there’s no mention of skin color or religion, we only talk about football.”

Do you think that Skorupski is ready to be the #1? What about Astori?
“The number 1 is always Morgan De Sanctis, but Skorupski is growing quickly, he’s learned the language. It’s important to be able to control the defense. He’s ready to be a great goalkeeper. Astori is ready to play. He just needs to get out there on the field with the team so that he can understand how we play.”

Strootman? What’s the update? Emanuelson said another three months…
“Aaah! So we have a new doctor? Urby is a doctor then, huh! (Laughs). In all seriousness, Kevin didn’t begin with us because we didn’t want to tire him out, but he has great desire, he’s recovering normally.”

The situation of Mehdi Benatia?
“He’ll always give 100%. He is a model professional and it shows. I hope that he’ll soon talk with the media to clarify.”

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