Francesco Marroccu, DS of Cagliari, comments on Astori sale

Francesco Marroccu, sporting director of Sardinian club Cagliari, dove into the specifics of the sale of Davide Astori today with Radiolina :

“When I arrived, Astori was going to leave, he was wanting to get away from Cagliari. I have always spoken of his non-transferability in order increase his value and I was willing to suffer and wait until August 30th. The thing that has always amazed and impressed me was Astori’s elation, up until a few days ago. The interview with the Lazio fans? First of all, I want to say I do not make mistakes in (getting into) relationships with fans. At training, there were 4 Lazio fans who wanted to talk with Astori to try and understand his decision to go to Roma, but I spoke with them because the boy was training. I explained to the fans that Astori had followed Cagliari’s corporate strategy, in addition to the fact that Lazio had just lost a battle and they were resigned (to the idea) from not taking a strong player like Astori.”

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