Iturbe presented to the media

Juan Iturbe was officially presented to the media today. Here are his words from his introductory press conference with the Giallorossi.

Your first impressions?
“I want to thank everyone for being here, it’s a great team, and to Sabatini: thank you for bringing me here, now I have to train for a team that competes so much.”

You cost so much, after Batistuta you’re the second in Roma’s history, are you here to win the Scudetto?
“I’m a young player, with Garcia, I’ll learn a lot of things, all Serie A clubs want to win the championship, we are competitive, we hope to have a good championship.”

How did you experience these weeks of the transfer? Where were you planning to go?
“To be honest: I was on vacation, I did not know anything about the market, I arrived three days ago, my agent told me that there was this (Roma) possibility and so we signed, it was not easy to negotiate with the Verona, Roma have made ​​a good purchase, but I knew nothing about the market.”

What did Garcia say when he welcomed you?
“He told me that he’s glad to have me here. I’m here to work, I am happy to train with a coach who knows a lot about football. When I arrived he told me that he wanted me in the same position as I was in Verona, we’ll see in the next few days if that’s where I’ll be.”

How will you manage the pressure of the people?
“I am calm, I like the warmth from the people of Rome, I’m here to work and learn a lot of things I’ve never known.”

You play with Totti, are you ready to be his heir?
“Playing alongside Totti, who’s an emblem here in Rome and the most important player, is nice. I want to learn many things from him, as I did when I was close to Luca Toni.”

Have you talked with Garcia, what ideas do you have about your new manager?
“He wants to play a 4-3-3, but I think I’ll play the exact same place as last year.”

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