Urby Emanuelson press conference

This afternoon Urby Emanuelson was presented to the media. Here are his words from the press conference.

This is your second day of training, what was the impact with the environment?
“I’m satisfied with the way the squad is working, it’s been a regular physical training so I can’t say much about it.

There’s a lot of speculation about your role, what’s your favorite position?
It’s hard to say as I’ve played in different positions at Milan, but in this context I would say I’m more suited to be a left back.”

How much does Conte’s resignation weighs on your title chance and what’s your judgement on Allegri?
“It’s none of my business, I’ve worked with Allegri and he’s a good manager, personally I just want to wish him good luck.”

What impression did you have of AS Roma from the outside?
“In these two days I’ve only trained and didn’t have time to go around the city. I’ve been in touch with Sabatini and what’s important about this season is that everyone wants to win, our manager said the same and I think the fans want that as well. We’re all together, let’s try to win the Scudetto.

What convinced you to accept Roma’s offer?
When I’ve talked with Sabatini he said to me that we had to win this championship, he wants a strong team, he have it and we have to try to win the league. It’s important for me to help the team.”

Do you think what you’ve given to Milan and Serie A was your best, or there’s still room for improvement?
“I think I’ve done some good things with Milan, last year has been complicated with the club and the manager, that’s why I’ve come here to prove that I am a good player.”

You were aware Roma had Cole on the radar, how can you see this dualism?
I think it’s good for the team, when I’ve talked with Sabatini he told me that the very first moment. Let’s see how we will perform this season.


AS Roma’s CEO Italo Zanzi, who was also attending the conference, has  answered some questions.


Is Iturbe a Roma player?
“We don’t talk about rumors, we’ve said that at the start and we’ll keep on going like that.”

What’s happening at Juve is a sign that Roma is building a team to win the league and surpass them?
For us, the most important thing is Roma. We don’t consider other team, it’s none of our business. To us, what is important is creating the strongest squad we can and we’re convinced we’ve acquired the right players to do so. We’re confident, and we want to make our fans happy.”