Maicon evaluates recent Brazil fiasco, hints at contract renewal

AS Roma right-back Douglas Maicon spoke to La Gazzetta dello Sport after Brazil’s nightmare World Cup campaign.

Maicon, are you relieved that this torment is finally over?
“No. I broke my back for two years for a reason: to get my spot back in the national team and live this journey. Not to achieve this.”

How do you restart after such a humiliation?
“By apologizing, like we have already done. And holding your head high. This squad has a bright future.”

Do you really think so, despite the inglorious present?
“This group is beautiful, good, honest. We’re all friends. Together, we can achieve a lot.”

Don’t you feel a mood of “exhaustion” around the squad?
“That’s how things go in Brazil, two defeats can call everything into question. Scolari has studied a lot to choose the 23 men and he has made the right choices. But then, it’s obvious that such a negative result will unleash a bloody mess. But we need to keep our heads cool. It’s a given that we have built a squad in one year, while Germany spent eight. We need time, and patience. We have some fantastic youngsters, the future is theirs.”

Aren’t you afraid that these guys might be labeled for the rest of their careers?
“Not at all. They’re eager for payback, I’ve felt that in the locker room. They will keep thinking about this fiasco during the holidays, but when everything will be back on track they will be loaded. Those are experiences which mark you, and teach you something. In 4 years, in Russia, we will be a great Brazil. With a lot of the current young players.”

And what are you going to do, quitting or not?
“If they call me, I’ll be ready. I will rush for this national team.”

Would you have expected such a support from the people, even after this result?
“Yes. This is not 1950 Brazil anymore, we grew up. I realize that the last two games have been a shame, but I knew the supporters would not have left us alone.”

What’s now in your future?
“Holidays. Then, I can’t wait to be back in Rome, a place where I feel like a million dollars and that I don’t want to leave anytime soon. I’ve seen that they’re doing some excellent transfers. Speaking of which, I need to talk to Sabatini as soon as possible. I want to renew my contract.”