De Sanctis: Italy will succeed

Roma goalkeeper Morgan De Sanctis has spoken to Sky Sports Italy regarding a number of issues, ranging from his future with Roma to Italy’s performance in the World Cup.

“I am confident (in Italy) because the negative result against Costa Rica has certainly motivated the boys to perform better. There are champions within the team and the collective is strong and definitely able to reach the next round. Will Italy succeed? Yes. I spoke to De Rossi but I didn’t ask him about the calf injury. I trust what both the players and Prandelli said after the defeat. We cannot possibly understand the physical difficulty they experience playing in Brazil and I think it is because of this that Italy have not qualified for the next round yet.”

De Sanctis then spoke about his own future: “Replace Albertini (Vice-President of FIGC) ? I definitely don’t want to stop playing football just yet. ¬†Albertini announced he will leave at the end of the World Cup because he wants to do other things.”

De Sanctis declined to rule out ever taking up a position at the Italian football federation