Perrotta recalls World Cup glory

Former AS Roma midfielder Simone Perrotta reflected on his glory with Gli Azzurri in the 2006 World Cup with Il Tempo.

The World Cup…
“The victory in 2006 changed me forever. Now? I like our team, although some opponents do look stronger than us. But we have also shown that we can win in the past without being favourites. Brazil have to be the favourites to reach the final but Argentina, Spain, Germany and France are great sides too. But Italy are among this group of sides too, let’s hope for the best. I am sure that Brazil will not win the World Cup. For us it will be crucial to progress beyond the group stages, after that we have nothing more to lose.”

Was it right to exclude Rossi and Destro?
“Prandelli had two doubts and went by feel. You have to accept the decisions.”

Many fans seem to want to boycott Italy…
“It happens because pride comes into play and you think more with your heart about your team. But Italy is for everybody. Sure, from Roma I can not deny that I would have liked to have seen Totti, Florenzi, and Destro in Brazil.”

A prediction for Italy-England?
“We win.”

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