Antunes recalls unpleasant Roma tenure

Portugese and former AS Roma left-back Antunes recalled his tenure with Roma today with La Gazzetta dello Sport:

Antunes, how did you take the failure of not being called to the World Cup?
“I admit: not very well. I had played in all the qualifying matches, including the most important one with Sweden.”

How was your season in Spain with Malaga?
“The team was completely new and young so we suffered a little bit. Personally, however, it went well.”

What do you remember about her experience with Roma?
“Honestly not well. The experience was so bad that I can’t remember anything, especially now that with everything, luckily, I’m doing well.”

Is it because you didn’t have the opportunity to prove yourself?
“Spalletti gave me the opportunity to play in the Champions League. After the loan at Lecce, however, I didn’t have any more chances to play in the Roma jersey. This upset me because I wanted to do something nice in a really beautiful time (in my life) where I made many friends.”

It’s said you now have the chance to return with Lazio. What’s the outcome (of this)?
“There is a lot of talk about this deal, but up until now, nobody from Lazio has called me. I have a contract with Malaga and I feel very comfortable there.”

What do you make of the idea of Lazio?
“I know them very well: they’re a good team and a good club. I am very pleased to know that a team at the level of Lazio is interested in me.”

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