Di Biagio impressed by Roma youngsters

Gigi Di Biagio, Italy’s U-21 national team manager, heaped praise on several Roma youngsters this afternoon when speaking to Radio Mana Mana Sport:

Is Sabelli ready (right-back at Bari) for the big jump and ready for Roma?
“Stefano’s somebody I’ve known for a long time, he’s had a period over the past year where he’s improved a lot, I think he’s ready for Serie A. He can be in a big squad with 22, 23 players like Roma.”

Are there other interesting youngsters?
“There’s Bernardeschi of Crotone, a winger who is doing very well, then there are Sturaro, Berardi, Belotti, Rugani that will play a long time in Serie A, I think. There’s also Romagnoli and Viviani, who are doing very well but can do a lot more.”

Alessio Romagnoli: what kind of career do you expect from this boy?
“I believe he’ll have a great career, I’ve also gotten to know the boy off the field, Alessio can have a great career. I think he’s a central defender, but can also play as a full-back, Garcia has deployed him in that role because they needed a certain defender.”

What kind of player is Destro?
“He needs to play with continuity and, then, he’ll become even better to watch, he has an incredible calmness in front of goal, he was out for so long but I think he’s a sniper like few others, but we must not make the mistake that either him or Totti must play, they can play together and they formed an incredible pair. It’s important for a player’s mindset.”

What’s Roma missing to win the Scudetto?
“The completeness of putting two important players at each position. For me, on the outside they need to bring something more important.”

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.