Gervinho: “Totti is humble”

Gervinho spoke today while on international duty to La Gazzetta dello Sport:

You’ve often said you feel at home in Rome: why is this?
“I have been very well received (by the fans) and they’re all extremely kind to me, inside and outside the club, I was put on a pedestal without having asked. They make me feel important. I have a lot of respect for the club. I feel like I’ve won the Scudetto. If we actually did it, who knows what would happen…”

Do you talk with Totti in Romanesco or French?
“Every now and then, a few words in French just to make me laugh. Despite his status, he’s very humble. He isn’t arrogant.”

Totti’s French on a scale of 1 to 10?

Why does Garcia bring the best out of you?
“Because I feel well both on and off the field. He doesn’t need to tell me much to prepare for a match. With just two or three words, I know what I’ve got to do. Sometimes even a look is enough.”

People have asked you to slow down in front of goal so you make less errors…
“It’s not wrong. I should be more cold-blooded. But Garcia just tells me to do what I do and not to worry about the score.”

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