De Rossi reflects: “It’s impossible to leave Roma”

Daniele De Rossi spoke to La Repubblica today and reflected on his Roma and Italian national team tenure:

What do you think now at age 31?
“That at aged 20 I would’ve liked to have left Italy to experience life and football abroad. I would have played more in the Champions League and perhaps in more finals. I would’ve broaden my boundaries and even my professionalism. But I’ve never been able to. I always go to lunch with my mom and dad, who live three minutes away from me. It’s difficult to leave a comfortable bed. It’s almost impossible to leave Roma. The fans love you, follow you, if you fall, they wait for your return.”

You’re in your third World Cup…
“It’s also sort of a ‘goodbye’. I know it is the last time I will play with Andrea Pirlo, I don’t want to think about it, anyways I’m touched. When in Germany I was in pieces because of the disqualification for four days, Andrea took me to dinner with his family and made me feel like I was not an outcast. And then there was also Alessandro Nesta, who suffered a bad injury, who also joined us.”

The foul on McBride: you’re the man who raised his elbow…
“I’m ashamed. I’m not a killer or a pig. If someone tackles me, I do not harbor revenge, I don’t collect red cards. From when I was little, I wasn’t a troublemaker. But I can’t stand when somebody holds me back or grabs me. It’s a matter of physics, it bothers me.”

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