Il Messaggero: Roma agree for Salih Uçan

Rome-based newspaper Il Messaggero has reported this afternoon that AS Roma have agreed to a deal for the services of young midfielder Salih Uçan of Fenerbahce .

Roma and the Turkish club have agreed to a fee of €10m for the midfielder after intense negotiations (Fenerbahce valued the player at €15m, while Roma believed he was worth only €6m). The two clubs are now finalizing the mode of payment: the Turkish club wants the full transfer fee paid within 6 months, while Roma are hoping to make installment payments over 2-3 years. Fenerbahce want to receive as much money up front as possible because 10% of Uçan’s transfer fee will go to Bucaspor, his former club.

A move to Roma appears to be imminent as Uçan’s father admitted to the Turkish press this afternoon that a move abroad is likely for his son saying, “Yes, it’s true, Salih could go abroad. “

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