Simone Perrotta talks about his former club

Former Giallorossi midfielder Simone Perrotta spoke today to Radio Mana Mana about his former club:

Your future…
“I spoke with the Giallorossi leaderhship about remaining at the club, but we didn’t find an agreement on a role so I decided to pursue a career as an executive in the federation, with the hope one day returning to Roma because I feel at home.”

Is Florenzi the new Perrotta?
“We are different but he has more technical qualities; he also arrived to a strong football league before me, he has great future and I’m sorry he didn’t go to the World Cup.”

And what about this current Roma?
“Without May 26th, we wouldn’t have this present-day Roma. The club has also made different choices, new systems have been put in place, maybe it’s a new wave of enthusiasm, Roma wouldn’t have brought players like Maicon, for example. The first two American years with Enrique and Zeman? They were two completely different coaches, the Spaniard had a particular philosophy without the correct players, possession is okay but if you don’t have quick players, it’s difficult to do well.”

What about Destro’s alleged refusal to not go to the World Cup?
“I know Mattia, I’m convinced that it’s not exactly as I read and that he didn’t refuse to go to the World Cup.”

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