De Rossi speaks at Italy’s press conference

Daniele De Rossi spoke today at Coverciano during the Italian national team’s press conference:

“Cassano has quality, flair, and personality. Me? I’ve never had problems in any role (with the Azzurri). I won’t talk about Roma, but I can say that last year I was disturbed by some of the market rumors. Sabatini has said everything about Benatia at the conference. If Benatia stays, it’s important nobody looks at him differently. He gave more than us Romans, we could learn from him. Thinking of Montolivo makes me sad because he’s a great friend, on a tactical aspect, I want to believe that we won’t have any setbacks. Garcia’s renewal? I’m happy, any Romanista should be. He asked me if I would stay and I said ‘yes’.”

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