Sabatini: Benatia is not for sale

Director of sport Walter Sabatini held a press conference today to dispel rumors of a potential Mehdi Benatia sale:

““We are fine, Benatia is a great Roma player with a contract expiring in four years. We are totally calm. He is a guy with sound principles: he didn’t want to take a step away from Roma fans or his team-mates. He is victim of a misunderstanding. He refers to unfulfilled promises but that’s not what happened. It is true that when he signed the contract he claimed several instances, he wanted and deserved more and we knew that other teams had offered more. On that occasion I told him to try to play like Benatia and that he would have been recognized an increase. It’s a question of measures. I have to say that this improper resonance is produced by statements from Sissoko who I consider a minstrel seeking a court to host him.”

“We’re doing everything we can to make sure Rafael Toloi stays with Roma.”

Will Taddei be renewed?
“We are negotiating, but if Taddei leaves, he will be replaced by some with the same amount of experience.”

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