Destro’s agent denies rumors

Renzo Contratto, the agent to Mattia Destro and also Davide Santon and Davide Astori, spoke today to regarding the Roma striker:

Destro and Roma: is a renewal in sight?
“I don’t know, we certainly haven’t asked for anything from the club. These are voices that are looking to drag Mattia into unnecessary controversy.”

I assume it was something you requested of Roma?
“I deny this, I did not do that in any way. It’s not true, we didn’t ask for a renewal or salary adjustment, I haven’t been talking to Roma. Those are talks that we’ll face in the future, but certainly not now, there has not been no contact.”

Many teams have come forward for Destro: Inter has been the latest, what is the update?
“My client is definitely a coveted player. Sometimes there are voices, but these are completely secondary. Mattia is, right now, only thinking of the national team and the possibility of playing in the World Cup then returning to Roma and thinking of the Giallorossi’s project. He’s been pulled into the middle (of this), but he’s focused on other things.”

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