Benatia issues response to rumours

After Moussa Sissoko, decalred that his client’s words had been misconstrued now the man himself Mehdi Benatia has given an interview to Gazzetta dello Sport explaining what he said last week with regards to leaving Roma.

Mehdi, do you really want to leave Roma?
“I never said such a thing, so I want to clarify. I don’t want to respond to those who insulted me, but rather I want to tell people that support me about the way things really are.”

Let’s start from the beginning?
“Last summer, my agent advised me against signing for Roma: the proposed salary offered was low compared to other offers I had and Roma weren’t in the Champions League. I still signed for them though and I have not regretted it: there was a project which I liked. Sabatini looked me in the eyes and thanked me. During the season he thanked me several times again and told me he liked my attitude. He said we would meet at the end of the season for negotiations.”

And then what happened?
“I think this season I proved my worth but it’s not as if I was worth nothing before coming here.  There was an agreement, before signing for Roma they told me, “Bena, we know that you deserve better and you’ve refused a lot of money. Show us what you can do on the pitch and if we win the league or qualify for the Champions League, you will be given a better contract. ” But I got an unacceptable offer. In the media they’ve reported  that I asked for 4 million a year, I never even got 3 million.”

Yes, but perhaps Roma feared the domino effect after giving Pjanic a renewal?
“I’ve never made ​​comparisons with Mire, he’s one of the strongest midfielders in the world. I never asked for money on the basis of his salary, but rather on the basis of a promise made to me. The club instead said “Here, take some more of these pennies.” Like you would say to a child. “This is enough, there is no negotiation.'”