Aldair praises compatriot Leandro Castan

Former Roma and Brazil centerback Aldair spoke today to

Your compatriot Leandro Castan has done very well…
“I’m pleased with his season. In my opinion, he deserved to go to the World Cup, although, in front of him there are important player. I believe that if he continues to play well, he can get back into the national team.”

What do you think of the statements made by Benatia?
“It’s always hard to talk about it when you aren’t in the environment. The interview is so difficult to judge, it is clear that the club will do everything to get him to stay. Football, however, is also made up of these things. We saw what happened last year with Marquinhos.”

Do you think Totti will continue to play at high levels next season?
“Francesco is a player that I’ve cared a lot for since I was young. He might play less, but the little that he will he’ll play well.”

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