Zanzi and Baldissoni evaluate Roma project

Italo Zanzi and Mauro Baldissoni have both given interviews today to ProSoccerTalk where they spoke on a range of topics from the Champions League to former Roma midfielder Michael Bradley.

Baldissoni – “Apart from the last three seasons , Roma has always played in the Champions League. We think that Roma should be a team that is always in the  Champions League. We were able to bring the club back near the top of the Italian league and we think that we will be able to compete at the level of the Champions League. The American ownership took over the club when it was in a bad financial state. We are trying to complete the turnaround by investing in new players and new talent. Thanks to both the expertise and the value of the management, we have completed the mission to bring Roma back into the Champions League. ”

Zanzi – “The goal is to be the best in the world. We are very fortunate, but also very attentive, we believe we have the best management team in Italian football which has proven its ability to find great talent on advantageous terms. When you arrive in a new environment, a new country –  and especially in a city like Rome that has so much history – you have to be careful about the sensitivity surrounding the club. What we found was definitely the most passionate fans in the world who really just want to win. When you focus on the basics – winning on the field and off the field, it is easier to gain the trust of the fans. We are very aware of having to always be respectful. We never said that the American way is the best way of doing things or that the Italian way is a bad way, instead, we just want to be the best. For those born and raised in Rome, a unique city with a long history, of course there was a certain skepticism to have a new, foreign owner. The skepticism was to be expected and is a natural reaction. It turned out to be a way to raise the expectations which fortunately, we think we have met now. We are planning to do better and better every day.”

“The sale of Bradley? Michael was a great player and a wonderful professional. We didn’t plan for him to go but he wanted to return to the United States. We were happy to have had him as a player. Michael is a consummate professional and a player that any team or coach would love to have. He had a very positive experience in Rome. I can only say good things about Michael. The United States as a whole continues to produce great players who are more experienced than before. It’s a shame that many teams in Europe have a limit on the amount of non-European players, which definitely creates a challenge for American players. Those who have arrived were able to represent their country well and have added value to their club. Given all the attention and the hard work that we have put in, we are now finding that the players want to come to Rome today. It ‘s become a popular destination.”