Maicon talks World Cup, praises Roma move

AS Roma fullback Douglas Maicon spoke today to Il Tempo and La Repubblica as he prepares for the World Cup with his native Brazil, who are set to host the tournament:

The World Cup…
“We are favorites, we’ll have the fans on our side and a solid team in all areas. Neymar can be the star of the tournament, but now it’s time to show all of this on the field.”

If you had stayed at City, would you have risked being at home right now?
“Every possible accident occurred and that’s why I played very little. At the end of the season I spoke with Scolari and he promised me a call as long as I found continuity at a club. Roma called me and it didn’t take me a moment to think about it: I made the right choice. If the Selecao coach was still Mano Menezes, this wouldn’t have even been a possibility. Instead, I just worked hard. Thanks? To my agent Roberto Calenda.”

If Totti was Brazilian, would he play in the national team?
“I think so. He’s a great player and nice person, age does not matter when you’re so strong. I joined an ideal Roma, I did not expect this: Cafu would say, Roma chose me. It’s a thing that pleases me.”

You knew Garcia before you arrived?
“Yes, we had an encounter.”

“In 2011, during Inter-Lille in the Champions League, he got up from the bench and talked and talked. At one point I went over and told him to keep quiet.”

What kind of coach is he?
“A hard worker, he gets angry if things do not go well. He’s similar to Mourinho in the way of preparing for games but they are different. Everybody has their own ideas and qualities.”

A weakness (laughs)?
“I should not say this (laughs) but I will, when we play a game in the evening at 20:45, he makes us wake up at 9 in the morning. You could wait for 10, even 11, right (laughs)?”

What do you think of the Italian league after a year at City?
“The level is lower, just look at Milan. It’s like a casino, every day one goes, then one comes. They’re the most successful club, it’s amazing to see them like this, I never thought it could happen.”

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