Toloi’s agent discusses his client’s future

Francesco Marseglia, the Italian agent of Brazilian center back  Rafael Toloi, spoke about the contractual situation of his client with  Radio Mana Sport.

“Realistically speaking we are waiting for the go ahead from Roma, so we can start talking about his (Toloi) situation. Currently, there is still nothing definitive: the player has done well and he wants to stay in Rome. He would not want to go back to Brazil but ultimately everything depends on Roma. “

Are Roma interested in keeping Toloi at the club?
“Yes Roma want to keep him, but for  now I have yet to speak with Sao Paulo”

Sao Paulo have included a buy out fee in the loan deal?
“Yes, it’s 5.5 million, but I think we can go down to 4.5 million. Nothing lower though.”

Do you believe it is possible to make a deal with Sao Paulo?
“We should talk about it with Sao Paulo,  I know that the boy has received phone calls from the Brazilian club but he wants to stay at Roma. Sao Paulo has the upper-hand though, they do not need the money. It is difficult to deal with a club that is very rich, you have to wait. “

Will you liaise with Sao Paulo?
“We will do everything to keep the boy in Rome, because of the will of the player.”

Do you have any idea what Garcia wants to do?
“No, we still haven’t spoken. I don’t think there were specific talks but Garcia appreciates him (Toloi).”

When do you expect Roma to make a decision on Toloi?
“I think it will be decided in the next few days but we have until June 30th. If nothing is done by then, Toloi will return to Brazil.”

Have you received any interest from other clubs?
“I would not talk to other clubs, I consider Toloi to still be a Roma player. Out of respect I wouldn’t contact other clubs yet first we will wait to see what happens between Roma and Sao Paulo.”

Would Toloi be content as an alternative to Castan and Benatia?
“He trains very well and is a good guy. He never complains and always does his job. He’s a professional.”

How many years has Sabatini followed Toloi? Will he go with on the United States tour this week?
“He’s followed him for many years, from the time when Toloi played at Goias and Sabatini was at Palermo. We currently do not know if he go on the tour but I think so.”