Garcia pre-match press conference for Juventus

Rudi Garcia appeared in good spirits today as he spoke at Roma’s pre match press conference against Juventus, which is now a mere formality before the end of the season. Roma have had a superb year and have claimed second place in Serie A and a return to the Champions league.

“The match tomorrow between Roma and Juventus is a match that means much more that the standings?”

“Tomorrow will be our last home game of what’s been a magnificent season for us and I hope it will be a great day  for our fans. I want to see a Roma side playing with enthusiasm. Next year, who knows, maybe with less points we could win the league. This year we have achieved many goals in front but we always had a Juventus that was record breaking. ”

“What was the difference between Roma and Juventus?”

“I do not know and do not care. Now I think the only team that will play tomorrow and in order to play it must be 100%. Tomorrow is the last game at the Olympico and should be the celebration of the team. Tomorrow I want to see a Rome playing with enthusiasm and pleasure.

“What is the condition of De Sanctis and Maicon?”

“De Sanctis? He won’t play tomorrow, he’s not fit. He took a blow to the arm against Catania. Skorupski will start and he’s a goalkeeper with a fantastic future. He played in the cup and did well.”

“Maicon? He’s got a bit of a niggle, I hope to have him fit in time like I did with Castan last week.”

“Would you like to challenge Conte again when you play Juventus next year?”

“Conte staying at Juventus? It’s not up to me,  it’s for them to decide. But it’s not important. I hope Roma will be competitive next year and that’s what we’re working on. The president  is here and we’ll have next week to work on things. As for Conte, I wasn’t too impressed by some of the controversial remarks he made but if someone gets 96 points in a season you can’t not say he’s a good coach.”

“Will Pjanic be with the National Team on tuesday? And a renewal?”

“We haven’t decided whether he will go straight to his training camp with Bosnia. I’m sure an agreement will be reached over his contract: Miralem wants to stay and the president wants to keep him.”

“Your thoughts on Maicon at the World Cup and Castan not?”

“Of course the players were motivated for this as well as Roma this season. I’m really happy for Maicon. He deserves to go to the World Cup after what he went through last season and I’m proud to have been able to help him get back into the Seleção. I’m really sorry for Castan, he deserved a call-up too after the season he’s had. Now he needs to look forward and keep on the same path.”

“Do you think you have improved after this season?”

“We all improve day after day. Whether through good times or through negative ones. I learned so much, it’s my first adventure abroad. I have to take the good and the bad. This is true for me and for the players”.

“Did Juventus deserve the Scudetto?”

“It’s been an intense season and the ranking is clear and I respect it, I don’t think there is anything more to say”

“Would you manage at Juventus?”

“I am the coach of Roma and I am proud to be here. It would be an honour to stay for a long time and win even half of what was done by Ferguson at United. Between Roma and Juventus there is a rivalry and so this is normal. These things, however, must not exceed certain limits. I say this because I want it to be a celebration tomorrow. It’s too dangerous to tackle in a lot certain situations, this is not the football I want. “

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