Pallotta: Pjanic will remain in Rome

President James Pallotta landed at Fiuminico airport this morning and spoke briefly with reporters:

Do you think Pjanic will be part of the future of Roma?

You’re sure?
“It depends on him but it’s part of the game.”

Garcia’s future?
“He will remain for a long time. I don’t understand why everyone thinks that he’ll leave.”

Roma-Juventus is revenge for the season?
“We want to win , they are our adversaries.”

You’ll talk with Pjanic in the next few days?
“We have already have, everything’s going well and the guys are all happy.”

Roma’s season…
“I’m happy, the last one (at Catania) was a crazy game. Juventus have had an incredible year, but we had the best season ever. There will definitely be new players but surely the team this year will be there next year.”

News regarding the stadium?
“There isn’t any. We have worked over the past five days on it, we have to fix some things before presenting the project (to the city council).”

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