Gervinho wants the World Cup and Champions League

Ivorian winger Gervinho spoke with Roma Channel today, here are his words:

A great season with some disappointment?
“The Scudetto came down to fine margins, although we have a great roster it wasn’t enough to win.”

Did you expect to score so much?
“I think 9 goals is a nice haul and something I can improve on, I could score more, I have created lots of chances that I have not taken advantage of, it was a good season, I’m focused on giving my best for the team.”

The best goal?
“The most important was the winning goal against Juventus in the Coppa, it wasn’t the most beautiful but it was the most important.”

So then the most beautiful?
“I think it’s awesome to relive all these moments, there is more joy in seeing the pundits, but I feel important in Italy and Rome, if I had to choose a goal I’d choose the one against Bologna as my most beautiful.”

Your relationship with your teammates?
“I think it’s great to see my teammates, to congratulate them, and see them mess with me, I have a good relationship with everyone, I always try to be open with everyone, even with the gardener! Trigoria’s like a family, I’ve got a special relationship with everyone. I’m happy to be a part of this club. I hope you all enjoy and have a good holiday, we will try to come back stronger next year.”

You’ll play against Torosidis in the World Cup…
“It will be the last game against Greece (in the group stage), Japan and Colombia are before, we must remain focused, it would be nice if we could both qualify, even for Roma, if we are qualified I will rest and I’ll be quiet, but otherwise, I’ll worry a bit!”

Would you prefer the World Cup or the Champions League trophy with Roma?
“I want to win both trophies, why choose?”

On the mark against Juve?
“I hope so; so that I can get my 10 goals and 10 assists. I hope to celebrate this season in front of our fans, I would have then scored two goals against Juventus.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

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