Former Roma great praises Rudi Garcia

Former AS Roma player Giacomo Cosi spoke today and hopes that the Giallorossi will sooon make official the renewal of manager Rudi Garcia:

The renewal of Garcia is said to be near…
“It would be a great news if it’s true. In my point of view, he’s a coach that deserves a lot and deserves to be re-confirmed. He’s worth it because of what he did this year and how he fielded the team.”

What do you think are the strengths of this manager?
“He managed to create a very consistent and consolidated team. There is a great relationship between the players, we see that the group is cohesive and there is a unity of purpose. When the replacements willingly accept all decisions, this is indicative of a well-managed group. The team is doing well on the field. We were lucky to find a coach like that. Apart from the last match, what else can you say about this team? They make us enjoy them, it’s a team that is playing the best football in Italy.”

It’s inevitable to have some regrets that the season ends without any titles…
“Unfortunately, we came second, but we played against a team that has not missed a beat. Next year we’ll definitely continue on this path.”

Source(s): Tuttomercatoweb

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