Emerson on Roma, Juve, and Totti

Former AS Roma midfielder Emerson, who made a transfer to Juve after Fabio Capello left for the Turin club, was interviewed today regarding his former team:

What do you think of this new-Roma of Garcia?
“I like it a lot. Along with Juventus, they’re the strongest team, much more than Napoli.”

The Brazilians of Roma…
“Taddei is a player that all coaches would like to have. There’s nothing to add. I know Maicon, with Roma he has earned the chance to make the World Cup, something he didn’t have before. Dodo has a lot of quality but still needs to grow; for defenders in Italy, it is difficult. Toloi is somebody I’ve followed a lot here in Brazil. Everybody likes him, then he had a bit of a fall. I confess that I like Castan a lot more.”

Is it expected that Brazil will win the World Cup at home?
“We have a serious problem: people expect that Neymar will win it by himself. We must be careful.”

The past: in the summer of 2004, you really wanted to transfer to Juventus and you showed up to Roma with a certificate of clinical depression. Were you really depressed?
“It’s true that I was ill. I was waiting in Brazil, I’m troubled by the fact that I had to ruin the good relationship and environment. But you must take into account that there were six months I didn’t receive my salary and there were other things that had been promised to me that weren’t given. Okay, I was aware and accepted the sitution, but then an important offer comes and the president tells you ‘no’.”

Were you angry with the Sensi’s?
“Franco Sensi is a person who has done a lot for the team and for me. But in 2003, the club was going through a difficult period. He called me and told me that there were clubs who were looking at me. Then he said, ‘I can not sell you, I don’t know how to explain it to the fans, but we need money.’ At that time even the employees didn’t receive salaries. I mean, for us players it’s one thing, we’re rich, but at the club there are also working people who earn only €1,000 per month.”

“We always had a normal relationship. Over the years, there was talk of friction between us but that’s false.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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