Garcia on Gervinho, Pjanic, and Stadio della Roma

Rudi Garcia was interviewed today by Fox Sports, here are his words:

“I know him well. He made his debut in France when I coached at Mans then came with me to Lille where we won the league and the French Cup together. I know him as a player very well, but I also know him as a man. He’s a very ‘affective’ player, he needs to feel trusted and to know that he can take risks on the field because if you’re one that says ‘take one, two touches maximum’, you better not bring Gervinho (to your club). He’s a player who skips (throughout the field), who needs to have dribbling and attacking depth, especially when I saw the price, I told myself that this player was necessary for Roma.”

Pjanic…a player you like and you hope who stays?
“I know that the big players like Messi make the difference but that they must also have a team behind him. I was a player who was about the group and my individual (achievements), and now I am glad that there is an assits statistic. To me, it is the type of player who thinks about the team, who thinks about the final move to score a goal and is very very important not only for my game but for football, I think. PSG? No. Miralem is a fantastic player and I prefer to see him in Rome. Let’s see what happens at the end of the season. What I know is that he likes the city, the club, and the fact he’s playing in Rome. I’m sure that if he stays it’d still be a pleasure for him. I am very pleased with my team, we are making an extraordinary season, I have already said that my goal was make the smiles return to our fans, and after the match with AC Milan, there were people who remained to sing and had many smiles, I think that this is a milestone we hadn’t reached in a long time.”

The Stadio della Roma?
“Italy needs new stadiums and Pallotta immediately recognized this. We will have ours in two years. In order to do important things, a team needs a stadium.”

Source(s): Fox Sports

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