Florenzi: “We’re ready for the Champions League”

Winger Alessandro Florenzi spoke to Roma Channel this evening and acknowledged that he’s dreaming of playing in the World Cup and the Champions League:

How are you? A grade for Roma’s season…
“It’s been beautiful we deserve a 9, but it lacks the icing on the cake because Juve have everything in hand. However, we are proud of this season. We are ready for the Champions League because we want to play games in Europe. I’m always thinking of the national team. I’m working towards the World Cup, because who doesn’t dream of playing one?”

How about a grade for Florenzi?
“I do not usually give ratings, I prefer to think of other things.”

Your next goal would be your 10th with Roma this season…
“I hope to get this in one of the upcoming matches.”

Your most important goal this season?
” Maybe the one against Genoa, but it wasn’t the most important. The one against Torino filled me with great emotion as I scored, I was substitued on in the last minute and it was nice to win and to score under the Curva, because I still couldn’t believe what I had done.”

What is the difference between you and Juve?
“We did something wrong in those 4 draws and some of those things that could have gone in our favor went into the favor of our opponents.”

What do you make of Juve’s European campaign?
“I can’t judge the champions, you must watch carefully, there are no easy games in the Champions League. In the semi-finals of the Europa League, teams are prepared like Benefice. I said it before, we had moments in games where it all went wrong. Some of those things depended on us, and some of it depended on others.”

What changes when Florenzi is and isn’t in the trident?
“It changes both offensively and defensively. A player like Adem gives more offensively, I do not give-up on the defensive front.”

Where do you feel better?
“I have to keep growing, you never stop learning. As a man I’ve improved, this second season as a professional helped me, maybe I have improved in the physical management.”

You think a lot about the national team?
“How can I not think about it? I think about it. Who wouldn’t want to go to the World Cup?”

Are Roma ready for the Champions League?
“Roma are in a good place and we can have our say, we do play a very European style and we can use many of our tactics, we are very ready.”

The goal for this season finale?
“The goal is to set ourselves up to end with 94 points, win every game, and hope for something in which only a crumb is left.”

Do you want to prove something to Juve?
“We want to show that we are not inferior to anyone. We’ve dropped points, but we do not feel inferior to Juve.”

Your future, do you see it away from Roma?
“For now I’m fine here, Trigoria is my second home. We’ll see what the future holds.”

Source(s): Roma Channel

The Editor of RomaPress.us, John has been covering Italian football as a freelance journalist for over 10 years and has appeared in various publications including ASRoma.com, EuroFantasyLeague.com, and ESPN.