Sky’s Riccardo Trevisani “99% sure” Uçan will arrive

Sky Italy reporter Riccardo Trevisani was on Tele Radio Stereo this morning and talked about Roma’s potential summer market:

“Roma are looking for a winger that can score a lot of goals. I don’t think Roma will bring Aubameyang, he costs too much, the opportunity has passed. They might bring a more old-fashioned outside attacker, I do not see them at all buying a striker because you have Destro and Totti and even Ljajic, who can play centrally. If I had to say a name for the outside, I’d say Cerci, I would bring him to the Champions League. I’m convinced of Uçan (Fenerbahçe), he didn’t arrive in January by of a matter of inches, they agreed to a loan with a buying option in the summer, but I think around 99% he’ll arrive in June, I’d be very surprised if he didn’t arrive. He’ll cost around €7m-€8m.”

Source(s): Tele Radio Stereo

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