Mexes recalls Roma memories

Milan defender Phillipe Mexes recalled his time with Roma today as his team prepares to travel to the capital tomorrow:

Roma was your first Italian team and has the greater portion of your memories?
“I have wonderful memories, both on a personal and playing level. It was 7 great years that I won’t forget: from the city and the fans who are in love with the team completely. In Rome, I left many friends and it’s always nice to go back.”

You were part of a good group that deserved more?
“It’s true that we didn’t collect all that we should’ve, but on a personal level, I can say that I have always given my best: in the good and bad season I’ve been a part of, but Roma is still in my heart.”

Roma is in second thanks to the ideas of Garcia?
“Roma is having a fantastic season and deserves the position they’re in. It’s a team full of players that have absolute value and have grown a lot over the course of the season thanks to a coach who has proven to be an immediate fit the team and brought something new and important. Garcia was able to convey his ideas of the game and I believe that Roma now play the most beautiful football in Italy.”

What type of match will it be?
“It will be a tough match as all matches against Roma are. This year maybe even more tough because of the great season Roma are having. However, we’re coming into the match off five consecutive victories and we will push to continue this streak and achieve our goals.”

Source(s): Sky Sport

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