Castan: “Would I go to war for Garcia? Yes.”

Brazilian center-back Leandro Castan spoke with Sky Italy’s Angelo Mangiante:

“Garcia? He gave serenity and confidence to the players who were considered ‘poor’ last year and weren’t ‘enough’ to play in Rome. He gave us confidence and showed the quality of this team. Would I go to war for him? Yes. He is a coach who wants to do well. Will Pjanic remain? I’d say yes, I’m hoping for this to happen. If all players in this squad and we add more who can help us, we can do even better next season. Pjanic is a friend and is a great player, it’s important for us to be with him.”

What do you expect for the season finale?
“I want to win all of the four remaining matches, it’s very nice to win, we can not give up now.”

What is the difference between Roma and Juve?
“Juventus have won the games that we’ve drawn, for example, they won against Sassuolo and Cagliari while we drew. Our 4 draws in a row have made a difference.”

Are you hoping for the World Cup?
“I don’t think that Scolari will take two left-handed defenders.”

Source(s): Sky Italy

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