Montella: “(Roma) are a unified group”

Fiorentina manager Vicenzo Montella spoke today before his team hosts the Giallorossi.

Championship dream for Rome?
“Juve is unbeatable at this point, if Juve had not won in Udine, there would’ve been a better opportunity, but the Bianconeri haven’t given up an inch. There are many examples, however, of how you can win the league title on the final match-day.”

Tomorrow’s match…
“Tomorrow I want to see best game of all time, with an eye on the strengths of the opponent.”

“The owner has given him chances just like the others, we’ll see him tomorrow.”

“He’s a manager with a certain method, he’s got a unified group, each player plays a part. He’s very attentive to all the details.”

How do you stop Gervinho?
“He’s very fast, we have to limit the support he gets and limit his space. It’s not always possible to double-team him: you have to mark his support. The difference with Cuadrado? Cuadrado often plays as a striker.”

The atmosphere in the city?
“It’s the time where I happen to see the thoughts of the Florentines: their passions, their feelings and their expectations, not only for tomorrow, but especially for the Italian Cup final.”

“He doesn’t have the continuity we all expected him to have; we’re ready to take him back on loan.”

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