Pjanic dreaming of glory with Roma

Roma midfielder Miralem Pjanic reiterated his love for the club and his intentions to remain beyond next season as the Bosnian’s contract expires in 2015.

Garcia said that he still belives in the first place, do you?
“Sure. It is true that Juventus are having an outstanding season and still have a large lead, however, we can have a go. We want to win every game and take maximum points.”

Your extraordinary season is the the result of a bitter last season?
“Definitely, it’s had a great influence on our desire for revenge. Then came a new coach, new players with international experience. But us ‘veterans’ redeem ourselves because we wanted to in the first two seasons but we missed our goals, but even those groups had excellent quality. Unfortunately we were not able to put them on display as we had hoped.”

What was the turning point?
The first matches: we started off well, when you win and prove yourself to be superior to your opponents you can find belief.”

What do you expect from the World Cup?
“It’s the first time that Bosnia will participate. I hope to get there in good physical condition, to conclude a great season that’s given me a lot of satisfaction.”

You have lived in Bosnia, Luxembourg, and France, now you’re in Italy. Where do you feel at home?
“My roots are in Bosnia, people welcome me warmly there. I’m fond of Luxemborg, I spent my childhood there. There are plenty of places I get pleasure from returning to, but if I had to choose where I feel at home, then I would say Rome. I’m fine here in all senses: to live, to play. And I say this because now I’m here.”

You’ve stated your love for English football stadiums…
“Yes, it is the most beautiful aspect . But I want to add one thing: I do not know if there are many teams that have a southern curva like ours.”

Pjanic, De Rossi, Nainggolan, Strootman is the strongest midfield in Serie A? What do you need for the Champions League?
“We are making the journey to get back in the Champions League, but we are already complete. It’s not just the four of us, there are others. Although the attack is strong, our defense concedes few goals, a great team should always have quality players and we can all count on each other.”

“He is a person that I like, he’s very prepared , and I love talking to him.”

Do you have a dream?
“I dream of winning as much as possible. I have many goals: personal, with the club, and with the national team. I’m working every day to improve and to be stronger every year and I dream that people will not forget my name.”

Source(s): Guerin Sportivo

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