Former manager Bianchi impressed by Roma’s season

Former AS Roma manager Ottavio Bianchi spoke to AS Roma membership today:

Roma-Atalanta, what kind of match are you expecting?
“It’s a challenge between two protagonists this year. Nobody would have predicted this type of season and enthusiasm from Roma. Atalanta is having a season for their recordbooks.”

“He’s one of Atalanta’s best. He’s the right coach for the club. He’s won this season and is doing great.”

“In my opinion, they’ve done all that they could. Perhaps the only downside is that they learned their strength too late. From the outside, you can see that a great job is being done, there is never controversy, and are all welcomed with serenity.”

Juve have something more?
“They’re used to winning. Match after match, whether they play good or bad, one victory after another.”

You like Garcia?
“I didn’t know of him before, but he’s a very good one – he gives enthusiasm and desire to the whole group to do good. Besides being a good coach, he’s decisive, which you need in modern football, and is an excellent communicator.”

Source(s): AS Roma Membership

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